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Centaur Digital Corp addresses the accounting and tax needs of busy business owners. As a business grows, owners have less time to devote to their accounting and tax compliance, both of which are crucial functions for any successful business. 

Access to Quickbooks Online

Access to Quickbooks Payroll

Payroll Support and Setup for Quickbooks Payroll


Account Reconciliation

Closing Entries

Check-in Calls


Monthly Accounting

Many businesses don’t look to their bookkeeping to make every day decisions. The business owner has a sense of how the business is doing and checks the bank account only if they wonder how much money the business has. If you need someone to simply take the accounting off your hands, this package is for you.

Weekly Accounting

Not all businesses can wait until the end of the month to receive their financial reports, as the owner/manager prefers to have the numbers on hand early. On a weekly basis, we update the bookkeeping and provide a report so you remain consistently well-informed about the happenings in your business.

Deluxe Accounting

Sometimes you need more than just an accounting department—you also need a CFO. We’ll handle your tax compliance and reporting, business strategy, cash flow management and projections, and all other tasks of a responsible and efficient CFO.

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